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“Finding yourself is a removal process.”

– Ryan Heflin




“To reawaken and renew people’s sense of wonder, starting always, with my own.”

is the mission statement and Polaris in Ryan Heflin’s life.

Ryan believes that there is nothing “normal” about existence, and that all that we live inside of and all that we are, is a bizarre and miraculous dream and gift.

“We knew this as children. We lived in a state of perpetual wonder (watch a child sometime). Over time we forget (the word adult literally means ‘the tainted one’ (think: adulterated)). We fall under a spell of amnesia, and so many of our dramas and bottomless dissatisfactions, our insane-strained treadmill ‘lifestyles,’ and the resulting suffering and aggression towards others, ourselves, and the planet, all come from simply forgetting how amazing and beautiful it is to just be here, and that we get to exist!; it all comes from forgetting Playground Earth.”

Through Ryan’s music he seeks to slow people down, to strike people with naked, passionate, authenticity, to stir and move people with beauty and emotion; to help them remember.

“I’ve always thought of my music as a fire. Like a fire, music is a powerful focal point that draws us into a special intimacy and brings us present, it gives us a place to gather around and connect with ourselves and others, where we feel warm, safe, nourished, alive, delighted, illuminated and free to be our truest selves; it makes us FEEL, just FEEL.”

“It brings us into a delicious state of relaxation and yet at the same time excites and empowers us, it cleanses and purifies of noise and distractions, allowing for us to hear echoes of deep-rooted, long-forgotten, wild parts of ourselves, it makes us slow down and remember that the little things are the big things, and that they are what truly satisfy. Some say man and womankind first starting wondering, dreaming, and creating because they could sit by a fire and not worry about survival for a little while, and so it is with music.”

“So come, warm yourself by my fire.”

— Ryan Heflin


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“So come, warm yourself by my fire.”

– Ryan Heflin